Elke Janke Reisen GmbH has been offering holiday homes and apartments on La Palma since 1985. La Palma, is ideal for hiking, swimming, and relaxing.
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Car rental on La Palma

It is strongly recommended to rent a car on La Palma.
We have been asked many times if it is really necessary to

rent a car on La Palma

and whether you can explore the island with the public transport as well.
Yet, the bus lines are mainly connecting the villages. So your mobility is restricted considerably on La Palma if you don't have a car. You can lose a lot of precious holiday time waiting for the busses that do not run very often and for the sometimes rather long bus journeys to the destination. We thus recommend you not to do without a rental car.
Like in other holiday resorts, there exists a large number of car rentals on La Palma. Elke Janke Reisen has been cooperating with several reputable car rentals for 20 years now that have an excellent price/performance ratio and offer a good quality
It goes without saying that the cars are handed over unbureaucratically at the airport or at the harbor at the ferry in Santa Cruz, that you receive fast and straightforward help and that you can return the car without any problems.