Elke Janke Reisen GmbH has been offering holiday homes and apartments on La Palma since 1985. La Palma, is ideal for hiking, swimming, and relaxing.
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Company portrait - Elke Janke Reisen GmbH

Dragon trees are said to be one of the oldest plants on La Palma
Hardly anyone had offered accomodation on La Palma, when the company founders Elke and Hartmut Janke started

arranging holiday villas on a Palma

in 1985 (almost at the same time as Mantenimiento de Contacto S.L. in Los Llanos and La Palma Reisen GmbH in Munich).
At that time, La Palma was still quite unknown, and many people mixed it up with Gran Canaria (Las Palmas) or Mallorca (Palma). Some holiday makers were even saved from booking flights to the "wrong" island.
We offer reliable service and take great effort assisting you to choose your holiday property and try to meet all your expectations. We have very good knowledge about the properties, and we do our best to satisfy all your requirements for a successful holiday. Thus Elke Janke Reisen was able to build up a long list of long-time regular customers.
Elke Janke Reisen is the one-stop travel shop for La Palma. We are always trying to find the best option for you at the best price. We help you find flights, accommodation and a rental car which is highly recommended on La Palma. We take care of everything - leaving you with nothing to worry about. Just enjoy yourself.
Unlike many other companies renting holiday homes, Elke Janke Reisen is a tour operator working with the required liability insurance and insolvency insurance that are required according to German Travel Law.
Since 1996, the son Uwe Schürmann is working actively in sale, and since 2008 the grandson, Daniel Schürmann, is working in the accounting department of the company. By acquiring "La Palma Reisen GmbH" in 2006, our range of properties has risen to more than 120.