Elke Janke Reisen GmbH has been offering holiday homes and apartments on La Palma since 1985. La Palma, is ideal for hiking, swimming, and relaxing.
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Frequently asked questions


Booking procedure:

Arrival procedure:

About the accommodation:




What can I book with Elke Janke Reisen?

As La Palma experts, we offer everything for your La Palma holiday. You can book any of the following travel services on its own or as a total package:

  • Holiday homes on La Palma
  • Car rental on La Palma
  • Flights to La Palma (only from and to Germany)
  • Holiday accomodation on Lanzarote
  • Rental cars on Lanzarote
  • Flights to Lanzarote (only from and to Germany)
  • Eco-friendly cruises to the Arctic und Antarctic
  • Other cruises on the MS Hanseatic, MS Bremen, and MS Columbus with Hapag Lloyd Kreuzfahrten
  • Flights to all travel destinations offered by Condor, and Air Berlin (only from and to Germany)
  • Different travel insurances (applies only in Germany)

How can I book with Elke Janke Reisen?

You can book your holiday accomodation, rental car, and flight online on our web site, via e-mail, or fax. We will also be very pleased to give you assistance on the phone or directly in our office.

Is my money safe, especially when booking by telephone or online?

No matter how you book with us, whether onine, via e-mail, fax or by phone, you will receive a booking confirmation, and a Secured Payment Certificate of our travel cancellation insurance (acc. § 651 BGB).

What is a Secured Payment Certificate?

The legally mandated travel cancellation insurance will guarantee that the paid travel prace won't get lost in case of an insolvency of the tour operator and that any trip already commenced can be finished as planned. The Secured Payment Certificate for package travels has acc. to § 651 BGB to be handed out before accepting an advance payment or a final payment in Germany. Private persons, and online agencies as well, renting a single holiday villa or an apartment, need to be handed out a Secured Payment Certificate.

How will my personal data be treated?

Of course, we use your personal data only for processing your booking, and we will not pass them on to any third person. For detailed information see our Privacy Policy.

What is an option?

An option is a reservation that you can cancel free of charge within a few hours (day option) or a few days.

What is a reservation?

The term reservation has several interpretations. Some people define it as an option, others as a binding booking. We try to avoid to use this term in order to prevent misunderstandings.

What is a booking?

A booking is a binding travel contract that can only be cancelled for a fee. The contract is concluded when the binding travel booking, whether by telephone or in writing, is confirmed by us in writing.

What is a binding provisional booking?

A binding provisional booking is a binding reservation of a holiday accommodation when the travel period is not within the bookable period. No costs arise for a binding provisional booking, and it can be cancelled without any fees. The travel dates are approximate and can be changed according to the actual flight schedules as soon as the flights are bookable. When the flights are open for booking for a certain season, we will immediately work out an offer for you with suitable flights and a rental car.

What is a cancellation?

A cancellation is a cancellation of a binding booking for a fee. You can find the cancellation fees in our Terms and Conditions. Special cancellation conditions apply for flights with special tariffs.

How can I insure cancellation costs?

We strongly recommend you to buy a travel cancellation insurance policy, which covers all cancellation costs (depending on the tariff), or 80 %.


Booking procedure:

What will happen after I have booked?

When we receive your booking, we ask the owner or caretaker for a written confirmation. As soon the owner or caretaker sends us a return confirmation, we confirm you the booking as soon as possible. We will send the booking confirmation/invoicy by mail, or in urgent cases by e-mail.

When is the advance payment due?

The advance payment is due after receipt of the booking confirmation/invoice. For last-minute bookings (less than 4 weeks before the date of departure) the total amount is due immediately.

When is the remaining amount due?

The remaining amount is due three weeks before the date of departure.

When will I receive the travel documents?

After receipt of the remaining amount, well will send you the travel documents by mail. This is usually two to three weeks before the date of departure.


Arrival procedure:

How will I get the rental car that I have booked?

A staff member of the car rental is waiting for you at the meeting point in the airport's multi-storey car park holding up a sign with your name on it.

How will I find the holiday accommodation?

Your travel documents include a route description and the address and phone number of your contact on La Palma. You will normally be asked to drive to the caretaker's office or to an easy-to-find meeting point. You will be expected there, and someone will take you to your holiday accommodation.

Who is the contact person on La Palma?

We have different German or German speaking housekeepers for the different holiday accommodations. You will receive specific information about your local contact persons with your travel documents.

Will I be charged with any further fees?

Our rental rates include the local taxes, the fees for cleaning, bed-linen, towels, water, and electricity consumption. Fees for any additional services are included in the detailed descriptions of the holiday accommodations.

Can I book the holiday home cheaper locally?

No, the prices are identical. An additional advantage for booking in Germany is the legal certainty.


About the accommodation:

Will I be provided bed-linen and towels in the accommodation?

Yes, the houses and apartments usually all have sufficient bed-linen and towels. You should only bring your beach towels with you, since the provided towels cannot be taken to the beach.

Are there heating devices for colder days?

All houses and apartments that are not situated right by the sea are equipped with at least one additional mobile gas heater or electric radiator. Aside from a few exceptions marked in the house descriptions, the costs for heating are included in the rental price.

Do I have to bring things like spices, dishwashing detergents, or toilet paper?

Normally, the accommodations have salt, spices, dishwashing detergents, a first roll of toilet paper, and other things. These things are not part of the basic equipment. But in the local supermarkets you can buy almost all you need.

Can I use electrical devices that I bring with me?

La Palma has the EU standard of 220 V. The wall sockets are similar to the German sockets. You will need an adapter, which you can buy in one of the local hardware stores (ferreterias).

Can the swimming pools be used all year round^?

All pools are maintained and can basically be used all year round. The water temperature depends on the weather. Some pools have an additional solar heating. An exception is an active heating (Casa Grandiosa) or a roof (houses 001, 012, 085, 218, and 219), which guarantees a continuously pleasant water temperature.

Can I bring a pet with me?

For several reasons, pets are not allowed in most houses and apartments. If pets are allowed, you have to pay a day's rent extra and give evidence of your liability insurance. With the search filter you can find out the accommodations accepting pets.

Can I choose the day of arrival on my own?

No, the days of arrival is basically only restricted by the travel options. As an example, Condor, and Air Berlin only fly on specific days of the weeks from specific airports in Germany. The arrival with the airline Iberia or with the ferry from Tenerife is more flexible but also more cumbersome.

Is there a minimum rental period?

Basically not, but a short rental period of only a few days will usually only be accepted by the house owners if it is preceding or following another booking or if it is bridging a suitable short gap.



How far is the beach away?

You can reach the beaches of Puerto Naos and Puerto de Tazacorte from all holiday accommodations (with a few exceptions) within 10 ~ 20 minutes by car. You can find detailed information in the descriptions of the houses and apartments.

Where are restaurants and shopping facilities?

There are several different restaurants across the Aridane Valley. You can find most shopping facilities in Los Llanos, El Paso, and Puerto Naos. But small "Supermercados" are in all villages.

Do I really need a rental car on La Palma?

It is not essential to have a rental car on La Palma. Many bus routes are connecting the villages, but many destinations and most holiday accommodations are relatively far away from the bus stops. So in order not to waste your precious holiday time waiting for busses, we suggest you to rent a car for your holiday on La Palma.

How is the medical care on La Palma?

There is good medical care on La Palma. There are also German doctors and dentists on La Palma. You can find the addresses and phone numbers in the information brochures like "La Palma Info".

What is the climate of La Palma?

The climate of La Palma is mild and equable all year round. The summers are not too warm, and the winters are, with a few exceptions, not too cold. The temperatures are mostly like in spring or early summer. The average temperature depends on the elevation, which is particularly true in the evenings and nights. Each 100 m above sea level it decreases by 0.8 °C.

Do I need a passport or a visa for La Palma?

The Canary Islands are part of the Schengen area. Therefore almost all EU citizens only need an identity card. There are no visa requirements for EU citizens. Non-EU citizens should contact their Spanish embassy or consulate for information on the visa requirements.

Do I need an international driver's license for La Palma?

Your UK driving licence is fine when driving in Spain, provided it is a current full licence.

Are any vaccinations required or recommended for La Palma?

There are no mandatory vaccinations for La Palma. Due to the healthy climate there are generally no vaccinations required. Tetanus shots are recommended, as anywhere else in the world.