Elke Janke Reisen GmbH has been offering holiday homes and apartments on La Palma since 1985. La Palma, is ideal for hiking, swimming, and relaxing.
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Full-service holiday planning

Dragon trees are said to be one of the oldest plants on La Palma
It is quite easy today, arranging and booking an individual holiday trip on the Internet. Just find a suitable flight with an airline. On one of the many websites of private owners or appartment rental service you will sure find the accomodation for your holiday. And there are a few car rental companies on La Palma to book a car with.

So why should you turn to a specialized tour operator like Elke Janke Reisen?

From our point of view, there quite a few convincing reasons for that:


We have an excellent product knowledge that comes from renting

holiday homes on La Palma since 1985

. We pick the homes ourselves and have a good knowledge of them. We will be pleased to guide you to a suitable holiday accomodation.

Same price as owner

We charge the same price for the holiday accomodation as the owner. Thus, when booking with Elke Janke Reisen, you have no price disadvantage compared to booking directly with the owner or caretaker.


As a German tour operator we are subject to German Travel Law. Therefore you can be confident that you will receive the promised service for your money. Your money is secured by the insolvency insurance required by law (acc. § 651 BGB).

Full-service holiday planning

When we arrange your trip acccording to your requirements, you can rest assured that all components are well coordinated and that the participated parties receive all necessary information. You can just sit back, relax and get yourself into the holiday mood.