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How to get to La Palma

Der alte Flughafen auf der Ostseite von La Palma.
La Palma hosts an average of 140,000 tourists every year. Most of them get there by airplane.

Some airlines are flying directly to La Palma.

Apart from the charter airlines there are also the Spanish scheduled airlines Iberia and Binter Canarias flying to La Palma. Sometimes their prices are cheaper than the ones of the charter flights. Currently there are quite a few cheap indirect flights via Madrid. The route via Tenerife or Gran Canaria which is chosen as soon as the route Madrid - La Palma is fully booked, is a bit more inconvenient.
You can also book a direct charter flight to Tenerife and then to take the ferry. This was the common way to get to La Palma before the airport was built. The modern catamaran ferry does the trip within two hours and is thus much faster than the traditional ferries which take about eight hours to get to La Palma.
The combination of a direct charter flight to Tenerife with a Canarian domestic flight bears the risk of missing the connect flight when the flight schedule changes. You have no entitlement to carriage with separately booked flights. In addition, you might have to book a new flight as well. The connection time between Tenerife/South, which is the destination airport of almost all charter flights, and Tenerife/North, departure airport of the domestic is about four hours.
If you want to take your own car to La Palma, you can take the ship from Spain (Cadiz). This is very recommendable if you love sea voyages and have lots of time.