Elke Janke Reisen GmbH has been offering holiday homes and apartments on La Palma since 1985. La Palma, is ideal for hiking, swimming, and relaxing.
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Holidays on the most beautiful of the Canary Islands

Dragon trees are said to be one of the oldest plants on La Palma
The "green pearl" in the Atlantic Ocean, La Palma, was classified as World Biosphere Reserve by the UNESCO in 2002. Then the Biosphere Reserve that had existed since 1983 around Los Tilos was extended to the whole of the island of La Palma.
Agriculture and green tourism are practised in an ecologically sustainable way. Therefore you can hardly find any of the huge tourist ghettos that were built on the other Canary Islands.
Over the years, La Palma has become a paradise for hikers and for people who like travelling individually. And we, as a tour operator offering holiday homes since 1985, are proud to be one of those who have considerably and actively participated in this development on La Palma.